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The new PERRY MARTIN Audiophile CD

featuring Rowena Cortes and Anders Nelsson.

Released in August, 2014.

Perry Martin Audiophile CD featuring Rowena Cortes and Anders Nelsson

It’s been almost exactly a year since my first audiophile CD was released and much has happened during that time.  The most significant event, of course, was marrying my soul mate, Rowena Cortes in front of an audience of 3,500 people during the second of two concerts she performed with Louie Castro on May 30th, 2013.  To share your life with someone who is as beautiful spiritually as they are physically is wonderful enough; but to also be able to make beautiful music with that person is my idea of heaven.  Thank you, Rowena, my love, for contributing your awesome talent to this project and for the eternal joy you bring to my life.

I am also pleased and honored that my old friend, Anders Nelsson, was available to add his vocal talent to my second CD.  Anders played a pivotal role in bringing Rowena and I together back in 2012 and, for that, he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

This time we recorded the songs in Johnny Ip’s studio and I would like to thank Johnny for his hospitality and professional attitude throughout the project.  Recording in his studio allowed us the freedom to add a few extra finishing touches to many of the songs.  Although we recorded overdubs, such as additional harmony, guitar solos and percussion, all of these were performed in one continuous take, just as would be done in a strictly “live” recording.

Perry Martin
August 2014




You can hear excerpts from some of the songs on the CD by clicking on any of the tracks that have  “Click link” next to them.  Please bear in mind that these are MP3s and not representative of the vastly superior quality of the actual CD recordings.

Country Roads (Click link and hear an MP3 excerpt)

Vocal:  Perry Martin

Harmony:  Rowena Cortes and Perry Martin

Back in the days of my youth, when I was recording and performing in Hong Kong, I was once referred to as “the John Denver of Hong Kong”.  (I can remember humorously quipping that, in actuality, he was “the Perry Martin of the United States”).  With that in mind I wanted to record what was probably his biggest hit, but with a few subtle differences.  My interest in American Country and Bluegrass music prompted me to speed the song up slightly, add some Bluegrass-inspired guitar, a third harmony and a few extra chord changes.  I hope that Mr. Denver, wherever he is (rest his soul), approves of the result.


Vocal:  Perry Martin

Harmony:  Rowena Cortes and Perry Martin

One of my all-time favorite Dan Fogelberg songs and, as such, I did very little to change the original arrangement other than adding an additional harmony in places.  Dan Fogelberg had such a poetic way with lyrics and the imagery he painted with them, coupled with the beautiful melody, ensure that this song will remain a classic through the ages.

Paparazzi (Click link and hear an MP3 excerpt)

Vocal and Harmony:  Rowena Cortes

If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I would be arranging and recording an acoustic version of a Lady Gaga song I would have said you’re out of your mind.  However, during a trip to China earlier this year, Rowena and I were having coffee in a local coffee house when we heard a very simple, acoustic version of “Paparazzi” playing over the sound system.  We were struck by the fact that, when stripped of all the synthesizers and special effects, the song was actually very appealing melodically.  This inspired me to create the version that now appears on this CD.  As usual, Rowena does an excellent job of making the song her own.


Vocal:  Anders Nelsson

Originally a hit by Earl Grant (and also covered by Nat King Cole and Steve Lawrence), the beautiful simplicity of this song lends itself perfectly to Anders’ unique vocal style.

I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (Click link and hear an MP3 excerpt)

Vocal: Perry Martin

A beautiful, heartfelt song from singer-songwriter Jim Croce whose career and life were cut tragically short by a plane crash in 1973.  He apparently wrote it after having an argument with his wife and played it to her soon after.  Sadly, he never saw it become the big hit it was destined to be as it was released posthumously.

Danny’s Song (Click link and hear an MP3 excerpt)

Vocal: Perry Martin

Harmony:  Rowena Cortes and Perry Martin

I was a big Loggins and Messina fan back in the 70’s and this song, along with “House At Pooh Corner” has always been one of my favorite Kenny Loggins compositions.  It was written as a gift for his brother Danny to celebrate the birth of his son Colin.

I Will (Click link and hear an MP3 excerpt)

Vocal:  Rowena Cortes

Harmony:  Rowena Cortes and Perry Martin

It’s always a challenge doing something new with something as sacred as a Beatles song.   However, I was fortunate enough to hear Alison Krauss and Union Station’s version of “I Will”, which I really liked, and it served as the inspiration for my own arrangement.  Rowena’s beautiful voice sounds positively angelic on this rendition and the Manuel Rodriguez Spanish guitar I played takes on an almost harp-like quality.


Vocal:  Anders Nelsson

Harmony:  Perry Martin and Rowena Cortes

This song was a hit for American Country artist Billy Dean.  I’m a big fan of modern country music but I actually hadn’t of heard this song until Anders brought it to my attention as a suggestion for one of two songs he would perform on my CD.  I instantly liked the song and I’m glad we included it.  Anders brings just the right amount of “broken-heartedness” to his vocal performance.


Harmony:  Perry Martin and Rowena Cortes

I wrote this song back in the mid-80’s and, at that time, I recorded it with a sort of Christopher Cross, “Sailing” inspired arrangement.  When bass player Longman Hart first heard this updated acoustic version he said it sounded like something Sting would do.  High praise indeed.  It’s a very spiritual song in some ways, as it speaks of a love that goes beyond the physical, which is what Rowena and I now share.  Could I somehow have been predicting what I would eventually discover with her?  Anything is possible and truth is very often stranger than fiction.

LONGER (Duet Version)

Vocal:  Rowena Cortes and Perry Martin

At producer Andy Lam’s request I recorded two alternate versions of songs that we had already completed.  The lyric content of the beautiful Dan Fogelberg song “Longer” seemed tailor-made for Rowena and I, and it was a natural choice to perform as a duet.  Done very “bare-bones” with just acoustic guitar and our two voices, it carries enormous emotional impact, as is evident during our performance of the song.


Vocal:  Perry Martin

I sat down with the beautiful Gibson Hummingbird guitar and performed this song very much as I imagined Jim Croce must have done when he first wrote it.  In my case, I was singing it to Rowena and it resulted in what she called one of my best and most emotion-filled performances.




The  PERRY MARTIN and FRIENDS Audiophile CD featuring Rowena Cortes, Andrew Oh and Anders Nelsson.

Released in August, 2013.

The Perry Martin and Friends Audiophile CD was released in August 2013 to rave reviews.

The Perry Martin and Friends Audiophile CD was released in August 2013 to rave reviews.

Life truly is strange and wonderful. 29 years after I left Hong Kong for America, I found myself back here, in a church in Clearwater Bay, not far from where I used to live, recording a high-end audio CD with some old and dear friends.  And what a special experience it was.  The location itself, overlooking Sheung Sze Wan (Love Bay), was beautiful; and at night the lights of the village houses coupled with the soft glow of the moon created a very calm and peaceful working environment.

This project was different than any I have done in the past.  All the instruments used are acoustic.  No electric guitars, synthesizers etc.  No special effects were used.  The musicians and singers performed together with only the  acoustics of the church providing the natural ambiance you’ll hear on the CD.  The songs were all recorded in one take  (although some songs were recorded two or three times and the best take was used) with no editing, no overdubs or auto-tune pitch correction.  This is essentially a live album and what you hear on the CD is a faithful reproduction of what was recorded over the three days we worked on it.

For those of you who are interested in the technical aspects of this recording, the booklet that comes with the CD describes the microphones that were used, recording equipment etc.   The booklet also contains lyrics to all the songs and my personal thoughts regarding each song.

There were some very special moments captured on this CD – – some of them quite emotional – – and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it.

Perry Martin
August, 2013



Below are MP3 audio excerpts of the songs on the CD.  Please note that these are MP3 files and, as such, are not representative of the true quality of the actual CD.

Casablanca CD Excerpt (Composers: B. Higgins – S. Limbo – J. Healy)

Original artist: Bertie Higgins

Vocal: Perry Martin     Harmony: Rowena Cortes

I used to perform this song when I lived in Hong Kong during the 1970’s and 1980’s and it was always received enthusiastically.  It’s a great song and I was pleased to discover that it’s still just as popular as it ever was.  The rhythm guitar work, courtesy of my buddies from The High Rollers,  Billy da Kidd and Jose Silva lend a somewhat Latin feel to this version of the song.  Thank you Rowena, my love, for your beautiful and haunting harmonies.

There’s Nothing Like A Love Song CD Excerpt (Composer: Perry Martin  Cantonese Lyrics: Cheng Kok Kong)

Duet:  English Vocal by Perry Martin    Cantonese Vocal by Rowena Cortes

This song has quite a long history.  I first wrote and recorded it in 1979 and it was a hit from my “Right Between The Eyes” Album, released in 1980.   Cantonese lyrics were written for it and it was covered beautifully by Rowena on her “One Thousand Days Of Youth” album, released in 1982.   I also played guitar on her version.  Then I recorded a country version of it in the United States back in 1999.  This 2012 version is bi-lingual and means a lot to Rowena and I as the song, just like us, has come full circle and joined as one.

The One You Love CD Excerpt (Composers:  G. Frey – J. Tempchin)

Original artist: Glenn Frey

Vocal: Perry Martin   Harmony: Rowena Cortes

I was so happy to be able to sing this song again after so many years.  It’s another song that was extremely popular in Hong Kong back when I lived here before and the moment the audience heard the first few notes of the saxophone intro there was always an enthusiastic response.  Gifted sax player Andrew Oh gives his own, unique interpretation on this version while still staying true to the original feel of the song.

Vincent CD Excerpt (Composer: D. McLean)

Original artist: Don McLean

Duet: Perry Martin and Rowena Cortes

What can one say about this beautiful song that hasn’t already been said?  To be able to create what I feel is a heartfelt homage to the original version with my now wife,  Rowena Cortes, was an incredibly emotional  experience.   Andrew Oh’s soulful sax solo at the end of the song lifted the song still further from what was already an emotional high.

Hotel California CD Excerpt (Composers:  D. Henley – D. Felder – G. Frey)

Original artist: The Eagles

Vocal: Perry Martin   Harmony: Rowena Cortes

I recently joked that in the years since I’ve been gone, this song has become the unofficial national anthem of Hong Kong – – such is its enduring popularity.   Thanks to my old friend Anders Nelsson I was able to perform this song at the 2012 High-end A/V Convention in Wanchai and I believe my solo  version of it was largely responsible for me being asked to record this album for Fung Hang.  Still a great song and we hope this version does it justice.

Making Memories Of Us CD Excerpt (Composer:  R. Crowell)

Original artist: Keith Urban

Vocal:  Perry Martin   Harmony:  Rowena Cortes

One of the most beautiful songs ever written it was composed by Rodney Crowell for his wife on Valentine’s Day.  For Rowena and I it has since become “our song”.  The lyrics embody how I feel about her and the kind of man I want to be for her.  It was wonderful to be able to have Rowena sing harmony with me on a song that means so much to both of us.  Once again, my good friends Billy and Jose provided some very tasteful additional guitar work.

Ben CD Excerpt (Composers:  D. Black – Walter Scharf)

Original artist: Michael Jackson

Saxophone:  Andrew Oh

A beautiful instrumental rendition of the Michael Jackson hit, arranged and performed on the saxophone by the extremely talented Andrew Oh.  It’s always a joy to hear him play.

Pretty Flamingo CD Excerpt (Composer:  Mark Barkan)

Original artist: Manfred Mann

Vocal:  Perry Martin   Backing Vocals:   Rowena Cortes and Anders Nelsson

This old Manfred Mann hit has a little history behind it, too.  I recently wrote a novel called “Pretty Flamingo” in which this song plays a significant part.  It’s a mystery/love story that my friend Anders Nelsson admitted moved him to tears.  At his urging I included the song on this album and I think it was a good choice.

It’s Over CD Excerpt (Composer:  Perry Martin)

Vocal: Perry Martin   Harmony:  Rowena Cortes

This was another hit from my 1980 “Right Between The Eyes” album which was also covered in Cantonese by Hong Kong singer Elisa Chan.  The song was originally intended to be part of a concept album I was working on so, by itself, the English lyrics don’t have any direct meaning.  However, the haunting melody turned it into a hit in the 1980’s and people were content to interpret the lyrics however they saw fit.  I unexpectedly had to perform the song live, last December, at a birthday party for beloved RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) DJ, Uncle Ray Cordeiro.  Rowena and I had selected three songs to perform but “It’s Over” wasn’t originally among them.  However, several RTHK DJ’s who remembered me from “back in the day” called out from the audience and insisted I play it.  As I began the first verse there was an outpouring of applause and recognition that I found quite touching.  It was an emotional moment.

I Can’t Be Lonely Forever CD Excerpt (Composer: Perry Martin)

Vocal:  Rowena Cortes   Harmony:  Perry Martin

This song, more than any other, has the most significance to Rowena and I.  It’s a song I wrote in 1981, specifically with her in mind as I felt it would suit her voice.   For my part, I was writing the song from the viewpoint of someone longing to find that one-of-a-kind, fairytale love.  Little did I know, at that time (1981) that Rowena felt the same way and was longing for exactly the same thing.  When she heard the demo I’d made she told her then manager, Anders Nelsson:  “This song is me! No one is allowed to touch it!”  We recorded it together at Topmost Studios.  She sang it beautifully.  I played all the instruments and joined her on the backing vocals.   I fell in love with her on that day but, since we were both in relationships, I hid my true feelings from her.  Now, more than 30 years later, here we were in a church in Clearwater Bay, recording the song together again; but this time as a couple, deeply in love – – our true feelings for each other finally revealed.  Rowena’s performance of this song was perhaps the most emotional of the whole album.  Everyone present at the recording was affected by it.  To all of us she sounded uncannily like the 18 year- old girl she once was, longing for the fairytale love that finally arrived.  Neither of us will ever forget that day.

Fields Of Gold CD Excerpt (Composer: Sting)

Original artist: Sting

Vocal:  Perry Martin

One of Sting’s best songs and a personal favorite of mine.  The beautiful simplicity of the melody and chords coupled with the haunting lyrics make this song a true classic.

12. Traces (Composers:  B. Buie – J.R. Cobb Jr. – E. Gordy)

Original artist: Classics IV

Vocal:  Anders Nelsson

Anders brings his own, unique style to this beautiful song from the 60’s band “Classics IV”.  It ranks as one of my all-time favorite songs and I’m glad Anders chose it as his vocal contribution to this CD.

13. In My Life (Composers:  Lennon-McCartney)

Original artist:  The Beatles

Vocal: Perry Martin

One of my favorite Beatles songs and I am glad to be able to include this as a Bonus Track.  The song has so much more meaning to me now that I’m older.  It serves as a reminder to cherish the people and places I’ve known, and still know, in my life.