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2012 and beyond……….

Against all odds and at a time in my life when I thought the one true love I was searching for was only something I would write books and songs about – – I reconnected with a friend and musical collaborator from my days in Hong Kong.  She is the incredibly beautiful and enormously talented Rowena Cortes.  We connected in a way neither of us were  prepared for and fell hopelessly and eternally in love.

We were married on May 30th, 2013 at the end of the second of two comeback concerts she performed with her old musical partner Louie Castro. We exchanged vows  in front of an audience of 3,500 people!   It was quite an experience.      The incredible story behind our “fairy tale love” is partially chronicled on my Facebook page if you care to trace my Timeline back to December 2011 and move forward you’ll see how things developed.

I’ve included links to four videos taken from a concert in Hong Kong (August 2012) where we were guest performers.  The first (our first performance together in 29 years) is of a song I wrote for her to record back in 1981.  As Rowena explains in her fluent Cantonese to the mostly Chinese audience, this song has great meaning for both of us.  We were both searching for a “fairy tale love” and the song I wrote back then was written from that viewpoint.  Rowena fell in love with the song as it “spoke” to her and her dream for a “fairy tale love”.  Little did we know, as we worked on that song in the recording studio way back in 1981, that we were each standing next to our one, true soul mate.  Why it took so long for us to realize it is perhaps the subject for another book.  Nevertheless it made for a very emotional performance 29 years later.

The remaining three videos chronicle our performance leading up to the surprise I had in store for Rowena.  We are so fortunate that this event was recorded.  What a memorable night.

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It’s Over Hit single from my first album  It reached number 4 on the Hong Kong pop charts.  The noise that sounds like bacon frying is the record.  Don’t you miss that?  🙂

Never Satisfied From the same album.  The lyrics for this song were written by my old friend Andy Walters.  There wasn’t much original music around in Hong Kong at that time so this album, as flawed as it was, (being my first attempt), created quite a stir.  The guitar solo would have done Neil Young proud! 🙂


Do What You’re Doing Now From my second album, “Right Between The Eyes”. Kind of a jazzy/pop song with some gorgeous sax playing courtesy of Andrew Oh – – who now resides in Australia and still blows up a storm.  By the time I got around to writing and recording the songs for this album I’d learned much fom the mistakes of my first album.   It was a commercial success as well as a critical success.

It’s Over From the same album.  A remake of the hit from my first album – – one minute shorter than the original and not as meandering – – it hit the charts again.  By the way, 30 years later I still haven’t figured out the meaning behind the lyrics – – and I wrote them!.  🙂


The One and Only Title track from the last album I made before leaving Hong Kong for sunny So Cal.


We’re All Just People Don’t get the idea that nothing happened between 1983 and 1993 – – – I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs but never did anything with them.  Okay, so maybe technically nothing did happen between 1983 and 1993!  🙂  This song is taken from the album “Two-Way Street“, a band I formed with my good friend Clif Miller.  We toughed it out for 7 years before I finally moved into the country genre.


The Ballad of Justin Gray From my first country album, “Maybe It’s Me”. What could be more country than a song about a sailor who dies at sea and the woman who loved him drowning herself when she gets the news?  It’s not as depressing as it sounds!   No, really!  🙂  Oh, and does my voice sound a bit lower?  Yeah, puberty came a bit late for me!

More than Ever From the same album.  I decided to post this one because it’s a favorite of my old songwriting buddy Andy Walters.  This one’s for you, mate!


Truck Drivin’ Man From the album, “This Is Where I Came In”. I realized I’d committed a cardinal sin with my first country album – – there wasn’t one song with a truck in it!

He Can’t Say No From the same album.  I was feeling kind of “Brooks and Dunn-ish” when I wrote this.


Autumn One of my personal favorites – – if I do say so myself!  Very subtle arrangement – – – probably too much so in this day and age of “in-your-face” production and recording.  Oh well, I suppose it had to happen – – I’m finally getting old.  🙂

Dream of You I know this one sounds like it belongs in the ’80’s – – but I bought this really cool keyboard and……..    Hey, if you don’t like it I know another web site you can go to.  🙂


Left-Unsaid I formed a band with singer-songwriter Gina Quartaro and we called it SWAY and this song is from the album “Let It Roll”. Gina and I co-wrote the song.

This World From the same album.  I think of this as “We’re All Just People” Part 2.    Of course, if you haven’t bothered listening to any of these songs then that statement will mean absolutely diddly to you! 🙂