Rowena Cortes

Red Heart   (HQCD)

Rowena Cortes pays homage to Japanese musician Tamaki Koji in her first Cantonese HiFi cover album, Jiu Hong Se De Xin (Red Heart). The singer selects the ten most popular remakes of the Anzenchitai frontman’s famous numbers for her album, including Alan Tam’s “Violet Heart,” Leslie Cheung’s “Refuse to Play Again” and Hacken Lee’s “Blue Moon”, as well as including her rendition (sung in Japanese) of Yubikiri (Pinky Swear). The album has been receiving glowing reviews from fans and music critics alike.

All the songs are produced by musician Perry Martin.

This edition is pressed in Japan.


The following are MP3 samples from the Fung Hang Record’s HQCD album “Red Heart” by Hong Kong Singer Rowena Cortes. (In some cases the English translation of the song titles is not literal).


  1. 拒絕再玩   (I Refuse To Play Around)
  2. 酒紅色的心 (Wine Red Heart)
  3. 愈想愈無謂 (Mr. Lonely)
  4. 一千零一夜 (1001 Nights)
  5. 痴情意外   (Accidental Love)
  6. 我懷念著一片雲彩 (I Miss The Rainbow)
  7. 夏日之神話 (Fairy Tale Summer)
  8. 誰最愛你   (Who Loves You)
  9. 月半彎   (Half Moon Bay)
  10. 藍月亮   (Blue Moon)
  11. YUBIKIRI 日文歌   (Pinky Swear)


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