A SELECTION OF VARIOUS MUSIC VIDEOS AND PERFORMANCES.  The first four chronicle the sequence of events leading up to the big surprise I  had for Rowena.

Guest Performance on Anders and Sabrina Concert August, 2012.

1.  I Can’t Be Lonely Forever

2. Time In A Bottle

3. Dancing Away With My Heart

4.  I Do, I Do


“Home-Made” Music Videos

1.  Autumn

2.  This World

3.  Making Memories of Us (Valentines Day 2014)

4.  The Ballad of Justin Gray


Recent Performances

A selection of videos recorded on May 17th, 2014 during my mini-concert at “Backstage” in Hong Kong.

On and On

Making Memories of Us

Let it Be

Jolene (featuring Rowena Cortes)

It’s Over

Hotel California/Before You Accuse Me

Johnny B. Goode (w/Anders Nelsson, Rowena Cortes and Johnny Gore)

Devil Woman

I Can’t Be Lonely Forever (featuring Rowena Cortes)